A startup accelerator is an organisation that offers mentor-ship, capital, and connections with investors and business partners. It's intended for select new businesses with promising MVPs and founders, as an approach to quickly scale development.

Incubators are more open-ended than accelerators, and aren't normally intended to quickly support growth. All things considered, incubators sustain and guide new companies throughout longer timeframes - longer than a year. 

While accelerators need to give close consideration to every startup, incubators furnish impromptu assistance with legitimate and business services, just as help transforming an idea into something with product-market fit.

There have recently been a ton of developments in the innovation and tech space in the UAE. The most recent couple of years have seen the UAE change into an innovation hub for the MENA region, with the dispatch of various incubators and accelerators.

Here are a some of the UAE's driving incubators and accelerators that you should think about:

  • Fin-tech Hive – The district's first fin tech-focused accelerator program, situated in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) free zone, furnishes taking part in new businesses with direct access to the world's leading financial firms, just as workshops and board conversations on subjects, for example, guideline and industry trends.
  • AstroLabs Dubai – AstroLabs is a local area, collaborating space and tech hub situated in Dubai and an individual from the Google for Entrepreneurs organisation. The hub additionally has a strategic partnership with Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC) free zone, which helps individuals with getting an optimised free-zone company licence. AstroLabs likewise runs top notch instructional courses, which incorporate digital marketing, Google analytics and Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Silicon Oasis Founders – A business incubator possessed by the Government of Dubai, focused on the seed stage. It has Dubai Digital Park that helps software companies to focus on their ideas by having a best environment.
  • Hamdan Innovator and Incubator – HI2 is essential for the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment, fully intent on encouraging privately determined organisations run by Emirati entrepreneurs. The incubator stumbled into three key stages, the Idea Lab (idea development), the Incubator (execution) and the Seed Fund (accessing capital). This incubator isn't sector-specific and has upheld numerous business entrepreneurs since its launch in 2002.
  • in5 – Launched by the TE-COM Group in 2013, in5 is an empowering platform focused on tech, media and design which gives mentor-ship, training, networking opportunities to students, entrepreneurs and beginning phase new companies, just as help with set up and access to investors. 
  • Dubai Future Accelerators – A Dubai government drive accelerator program whereby new businesses are offered admittance to the assets and expertise of Dubai's government entities, and entrusted with addressing answers for difficulties looked by these entities, (for example, automated transport systems as an answer for air contamination and blockage). Various top notch names have come out of this leading accelerator.
  • Flat6Labs – Situated in Abu Dhabi, Flat6Labs (with help from twofour54 media free zone) works with new companies at seed, early and development stages, focusing on media and digital content. The core program runs throughout four and a half months, and provides entrepreneurs with seed financing, mentor-ship, office space, and business training and support.
  • Reg-Lab – Abu Dhabi Global Market launched Reg-Lab in November 2016, with its Fin-Tech legislative framework designed to establish a reformist administrative climate to consider the development of the Fin-Tech business and advancement in the UAE. Fin-Tech members can foster their suggestion throughout 2 years and candidates are invited from the MENA region and beyond. 
  • Impact Hub - A collaborating space and local area of business people, tech, creativity and innovation. "Hubsters" are offered admittance to a huge scope of coaches and systems administration occasions.

Regardless of whether you are keen on getting your startup/SME into an accelerator or an incubator, or being important for a startup community - participating in systems administration occasions, workshops or learning and development initiatives, the UAE's startup environment offers a broad scope of choices. These are simply among a portion of the top notch drives that are encouraging innovation and adding to the thriving tech industry in the UAE.