What is augmented reality? How does it help in software development?

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is defined as one of the most impressive and growing technologies of the last years. The AR technology is used by different devices and many eCommerce platforms that have their own requirements and own SDKs. Augmented reality acts as the bridge between the imaginary and the real world by amplifying the features of the real world.

Most software development companies have adapted AR technology in their projects to provide the best user experience and innovative technology. The most common used AR technology tools are as follows:

  • Vuforia
  • Arkit
  • ARcore
  • ARtoolkit
  • Wikitude

How does it help in software development and why do software development agencies opt for AR these days?

As it is the era of software technology. We are all digitally revolutionized by the latest technologies like Facebook, Google, or Apple. Augmented reality and Artificial intelligence have been embedded in the software to make the time-consuming activities in lesser time along with making the user experience better. Also, the software development agencies are adapting these practices to build the projects according to the client and making them very user-friendly. Digital information is superimposed and merged into our physical surroundings using Augmented Reality (AR).

Not only Augmented reality (AR) has made things much easier in the software development field, but it also has been involved in many fields like mobile app development, 2D or 3D games, graphics designing in-app, website development, or eCommerce platforms.