It is undeniable that cost is the number one determinant for business owners when considering large investments such as mobile app development. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to creating mobile apps. It's difficult to determine the cost of creating an app. The cost of developing a mobile app in Dubai depends on several factors, including B. App type, feature complexity, development platform, user interface level, etc.  Obviously, you can't get a high-quality app for a few dollars. Similarly, it doesn't make sense to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to complete a mobile app development project. Therefore, budgeting your mobile app development project is a wise approach to creating a robust and intuitive mobile app. If you want to know the cost of developing a mobile app, here are some simple tips you can follow to budget your app development project and ensure your app's success.

When allocating a budget to an app development project, it's important to determine the app type and set of features, timeline, and app development goals. The cost of developing a mobile app depends on the complexity and type of app. As complexity and functionality increase, so does cost.

 The development process is more complex and expensive if you integrate all the advanced features into your app. In addition, the cost of building a mobile app depends on other factors, such as:

  • UI Design
  • Backend Development
  • Security Features
  • Architecture
  • App Test

For example, any tech app design and development or game apps create simple apps with basic functionality it costs more than you do. Before you start your Android app development project, you need to decide what kind of app you want to develop for your business. The App Store has many popular categories. Choose the one that best suits your development, budget and business needs.

  • games
  • shop
  • Lifestyle
  • entertainment
  • music
  • Photos and videos
  • Sports
  • Social network

 Once you've found the type of category you're creating, it's easy to determine which features and design elements you can add to your app. knowing the core features and complexity of your app makes it easy to budget your app and determine the cost of developing your mobile app.

Mobile app development costs in Dubai in 2021

 Undoubtedly,  app ideas, business needs, development approaches (mobile, web, hybrid, native), number of platforms (Android, iOS, web), complexity, and number of features all affect the cost of developing a mobile app. increase.  But the question is how to estimate the cost of building a mobile app. You can use the following formula to budget your mobile app development process.

 Total development time X hour unit price = COST

 Whether you're hiring a mobile app development company or a freelancer, it's a good idea to ask your development partner for a mobile app development quote before you start the development process. Development partners estimate development costs, taking into account project descriptions, technical requirements, capabilities to integrate, and project complexity and infrastructure changes.

 Dubai mobile app developers typically use the following pricing model:


 If you are working on a small project with a well-defined scope and estimated time frame, you can choose the fixed price model. This pricing model allows you to allocate a dedicated budget to your development project at no additional cost

Hours and materials

 This pricing model is based on development project time and material requirements and is calculated hourly. This pricing model is ideal for complex and large projects due to its flexibility throughout the development process. Time and material options give you the flexibility to manage your budget and develop functional final products.


Time and money are always correlated to each other. They are directly or indirectly proportioned to each other. The bigger the mobile app development project is the more time it will take to bring the accuracy and proficiency in it.