Many of you must have heard of Blockchain, a concept that has disrupted the latest technologies to incorporate that is more inclusive and inductive. It changed the corporate landscape to form secure and trustworthy transactions of finance, and a comprehensive range of data and documents. The technology is not very old but is now successfully making it sway in financial, education, health, travel, transportation, logistics, and other fields. Whenever we develop a website or mobile application in any technology, we need it to be search engine optimized (SEO), for gaining ranking in Google Search Engine.

In the digital marketing process, Google, Facebook, and other social media channels connect websites with advertisers. Google provides advertisers with the opportunity to place ads on their website through the Google Display Network. This huge search engine acts as an intermediary between advertisers and website owners, building trust between them. Advertisers are guaranteed that the website owner will only charge for the actual clicks. Blockchain also reduces the chances of online fraud and offers transparency for the stakeholders and whosoever are involved in a transaction without displaying personal details. Now many companies like the Interactive Advertising Bureau, DMA, and Microsoft are operating on the blockchain.

 Impact on Search Engine Optimization

 As companies, we provide Seo services in Dubai which continue to adopt blockchain, so they will integrate into their websites. Website developers and SEO experts will try to get many benefits through each transaction that will happen through blockchain. Though SEOs might have to face technical issues like compatibility they can sort with the help of developers by creating a different content management system and offering website platforms. The work has already gained momentum on Schema Markup for blockchain certificates and user ID profiles.

 There Are Transparency and Accountability

 When there is transparency, there is naturally trust. With blockchain technology transparency is ensured as the advertisers and website owners are now aware that the transaction will be secure and they will get genuine visitors. This results in the gain of visitors and naturally more traffic to the website. Several cases have come to light when customers are cheated with counterfeit products as part of internet sales. But with blockchain, this scenario can change. As it is not possible to modify its ledger system, customers can easily check and verify the originality of a product and its features.

 Ease of business with advertising and search engine marketing

 Blockchain technology is impacting search engine marketing by disrupting payment facilitation methods. Both companies will help blockchain-powered ad buyers leverage smart contracts to make transactions more seamless and secure. All financial transactions are conducted in a safe environment, thanks to the power of blockchain. So far, we cannot deny that blockchain is at a revolutionary stage, but few studies have led to a direct correlation between blockchain and digital marketing initiatives. There is no doubt that blockchain will be a big stimulus for marketing activities, but there are also concerns about data portability and threats to user control.