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Cloud computing refers to the distribution of various computing services over the internet. It includes data storage, software, servers, networking, and databases as applications and tools. The Hashed System offers strapping solutions and uses innovative service models that will enhance your performance in the digital economy. We ensure cloud security by using encrypted cloud services, reading the user agreement before signing up for a cloud service, configuring the privacy settings, using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and avoiding sharing personal and sensitive information.

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There are four cloud computing models:

Infrastructure-as-a-service: In IaaS, a vendor provides the user access to computing resources like storage, servers, and networking. It is attractive to those organizations that are building their applications from scratch.

Platform-as-a-service: In PaaS, the software tools used to build applications are database management, development tools, and operating system.

Software-as-a-service: SaaS is a widely used cloud computing version. The cloud provides hosts the applications that make them accessible to the users over the internet.

Function as-a-service: In Faas, the application packages are constructed, run, and manage as functions. This tool can use to create backends for IoT devices and chatbots.

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How Hashed System incorporate cloud computing?

We work on SaaS by providing user-accessible applications over the internet. This tool proves to be good in creating IoT devices backends and chatbots. Our cloud services will deliver efficient and secure services to the end-users. We focus on business agility by moving faster on projects, test without lengthy acquirements and high costs. We provide cloud computing services over Google cloud, Google computer engine, Amazon web services, and Microsoft Azure.