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DevOps, development, and operations are a set of applications that integrates IT operations and software development. Its purpose is to reduce the life cycle of system development and ensure high software quality with continuous delivery. Several aspects of DevOp correspond with Agile software development methodology.

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Role of DevOps in the application life cycle:

The application lifecycle has four role-specific phases. These phases are following:

  • Planning: This phase defines the capabilities and features of the applications. It encompasses the progress of tasks ranging from single-product to multiple products.
  • Developing: This phase includes all aspects of writing, coding, reviewing, building, integrating, and testing.
  • Delivering: This phase includes the deployment and configuration of applications into governed production environments reliably and consistently.
  • Operating: In this phase, the applications are monitored, troubleshoot, and maintained in production environments.

Cultivating DevOps culture:

Some practices are required to cultivate the DevOps culture in an organization. These practices are following:

  • Collaboration and alignment
  • Accountability and stability
  • Releasing software in short cycles
  • Developing a growth mindset
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How Hashed System incorporates DevOps?

The Hashed System DevOps team focus on assessment, configure management, automation, and cloud management. We plan with visibility and agility to pursue innovations without losing productivity, quality, and stability. To achieve this, we use particular productive tools, automate manual steps, and repeat in small increments through continuous integration and automated testing. Our team has a defined management process with clear manual stages and automatic gates to make applications scalable and controlled. Our team can frequently deliver with confidence, ease, and peace of mind. We work to ensure zero downtime, high availability, and system reliability while bracing governance and security. The issues are identified quickly and mitigated before they affect user experience. We utilize complete visibility, rich telemetry, and actionable alerting into systems and applications to maintain this.