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Django is a python framework for web applications that uses less code and builds better web applications. It is free and open-source that encourages clean, rapid, and pragmatic design. It is pretty fast, highly secure, and scalable.

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When to use Django?

Django is a toolkit of components required while developing a site to provide a concrete foundation. The use cases are the following:

  • Develop customizable applications such as a social media website.
  • To build robust and modern web applications with a minimum code.
  • To provide a secure foundation such as for eCommerce sites.
  • To add scalability in applications.

Benefits of incorporating Django:

The following benefits are associated with Django:

  • Database management is more likely to be done in python than SQL.
  • The easy creation of dynamic pages
  • Security enhancement.
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How Hashed System incorporate Django?

The Hashed System has talented and dedicated Django developers that use the object-relational mapper to work in a complete python environment. We use Django template language to develop dynamic web pages. We mitigate the risks for sites by protecting against attacks. To build the web apps from scratch, we ensure to avoid security vulnerability by using Django packages. We combat the scalability challenge by growing according to user demands. We use Django’s native cache framework joined with an external cache manager to manage selective storage. We deploy two interfaces, WSGI and ASGI, to make the communication happen as web servers can not directly incorporate with python.