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Flutter is Google’s open-source platform for creating mobile, desktop, and web applications in one single code. It is a hybrid that is integrated with Android and iOS development easily. Flutter is not a Library an SDK (Software development kit). The SDK has a complete framework, Libraries, APIs, and documentation to complete your software application. It is an easy way to make attractive web applications or mobile apps with unique UI. It is a full-fledged SDK that made our life easier for everyone to code mobile applications more simple. Make user-friendly web and mobile applications in a fast, simple way.

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Why Flutter better than other Hybrid platforms?

  • Flutter is a hybrid cross-platform. The Applications built have the same look and feel in UI as other mobile applications. However, when we use a hybrid to build apps with other platforms like React, Ionic They have to manage two different code bases for Android and iOS.
  • With Flutter, you can easily access native controls like Bluetooth, WIFI, or any background service while the app is running.
  • As Flutter is Google’s latest technology, we will receive new updates frequently
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Why hashed systems choose Flutter for mobile application development?

Hashed systems have highly expert teams for flutter development that meet the client’s requirements. We can develop a mobile application project of any complexity without compromising on quality. Also, we make sure not to prolong the software development, so the clients are satisfied with our services. Hashed systems try to follow the software development cycle while making them in the process to have high-quality standards with super efficiency. As we know, technology keeps getting advanced so we make the software very flexible so that we can convert later.