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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in software development plays an important role. It is necessary to test the software product before delivering it to the customer/client. The QA helps the client product according to their requirements. It also helps a website developer analyze what is missing or bugs that can appear while running a web or mobile application. It could be a mobile or web application but testing the app is necessary. Also, QA Focuses on improvements and revision to make it effective as defined for software projects.

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How does QA work?

Our QA experts follow the simple testing plan. Each QA engineer writes a document and mentions all the bugs and requirements. Documenting the process makes it easier to find out the bugs and resolve them one by one.

What are the basic QA steps which the Hashed system implements?

Hashed systems implement the QA in a very detailed manner the end product is satisfying and according to the client result. Here are the few steps we implement while testing any web application or mobile application follow are:

  • Analyze requirements.
  • Plan the test implementation.
  • Design the test.
  • Execute tests and report defects.
  • Run re-tests and regression test.
  • Run release tests.

Get your mobile or web application tested with our QA team, so you get the right product delivered at the end.

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