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The term UI and UX are interchangeable while using. UI is “User Interface Design,” and UX is termed “User Experience Design.” Both UI and UX are closely related but have different roles. UI designs are all about creating interactive and intuitive interfaces to guide the users. UX design comes first in the product development process. It applies to any service or product.

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What does a UX designer do?

The tasks and responsibilities of a UX designer are the following:

  • Uses strategies to analyze competitors, customers, product structure, and develop content.
  • Focuses on prototyping, wireframing, testing, and plan development.
  • Executes by coordinating with UI designers and developers.
  • Tracks goals, integration, and usability testing.

What does a UI designer do?

The tasks and responsibilities of a UI designer are the following:

  • Improve the look of the product with customer analysis.
  • Enhance interactivity.
  • Focus on responsiveness.
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How Hashed System incorporates UI/UX design?

The first impression plays an important role. A visually engaging and appealing design display a perfect picture of your brand. We create intuitive, coherent, aesthetic, and consistent designs that will give you long-term success in the market. Our services will manifest your brand and excel the user’s expectations.

We work in the following design segments:

  • Web design: We create responsive, user-friendly, and effective web designs.
  • Mobile Application design: We ensure intuitive, visually appealing, and efficient mobile designs.
  • HMI design: We use UI/UX services to create user-friendly and responsive human interfaces.

With the emerging technologies, we use the following tools for designing:

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Plant
  • Axure

We avoid faulty user flow risks by our UX services that provide potential solutions. We make sure to meet the needs of our customers with user experience and human-centered UI services. The designs created are customer-focused and according to the needs and preferences of users. Our services are budget and time-friendly that enhance customer acquisition.