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PHP is an open-source server-side programming language for web development embedded with HTML. It is compatible with major operating systems (macOS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX). Also, it supports different web servers (Apache, Nginx, IIS, Lighttpd). It is not only limited to HTML PHP can be integrated with Laravel and Symfony as well.

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What is PHP Framework?

A PHP framework is a platform for creating web applications.IT has various built-in Libraries, functions, classes combined with our web application. Implementing a PHP framework has become a common practice as it takes care of the speed and repetition of web development PHP Framework consists of a few things which provide a solution to our software project:

  • MVC pattern elements.
  • Well stocked libraries.
  • Testing feature.
  • Simplicity.
  • Popularity.

The most popular PHP Framework on which Hashed system team works are open source platforms Laravel and Symfony.

PHP Development - Service - Hashed System
Laravel Development - Service - Hashed System

Laravel (PHP Framework)

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is secure and easy to use for website development. It uses a Model view controller interface which divides the user interface into three interconnected elements. It reuses the existing components of a different framework which helps in creating a web application. Laravel PHP offers a set of functionalities that embeds the basic framework that handles routing, templating, HTML & authentication. Get your web application designed with our highly skilled PHP, Laravel developers. It can connect with different frameworks for the frontend and backend like Angular, JS-react Ruby Rails, and many more.

The following are most of the Laravel aspects:

  • Modularity.
  • Testability.
  • Routing.
  • Easy configuration Management.

Symfony (PHP Framework)

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework for web application development and a collection of reusable PHP components. This framework is in charge of a web application's entire backend. Because Symfony components such as built inform management, build an application with good quality, reducing tiresome development processes. It also means that developers and your future self will have a more accessible working environment. Large projects mostly use Symfony. Hashed systems have been using it in large and smaller projects.

The following are most of the symphony aspects:

  • Development.
  • Flexibility.
  • Maintainability.
  • Performance.
Symfony Development - Service - Hashed System